Winter Term

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    ENT30014 Social Innovation Internship is an elective unit that provides experiential learning on social enterprise and community work. It serves as a platform for academics and students to work together in improving the well-being of our community.

  • Winter Term, 2018

    Our community partner is Breakthrough Network Centre, a non-profit organisation that provides welfare support to persons of limited means and resources.

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    Constructing a single-storey house for Kuzin Chabu

    Students will work with Breakthrough volunteers to construct a single-storey house for Mr. Kuzin Chabu, located at Stutong Baru Resettlement Scheme.

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    Consulting Project

    Financial Empowerment of Women through Community Entrepreneurship

    Students will work in groups to explore innovative strategies to engage house-bound women in economically productive work as means for empowerment and supplementing household income.

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    The Journey

    Over a period of 6 weeks, students will participate in workshops, a consulting project and field-work.

    • The workshops will be conducted by guest speakers and faculty members, covering issues related to operations and leadership for social enterprise, as well as community needs assessment.
    • The unit’s major assessment component is a consulting project that requires students to work in teams, in analysing and recommending actions to address a specific issue faced by the project partner.
    • The fieldwork involves working with the project partner at locations outside campus. 

  • Assessments

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    Consulting Project

    Group Task (40 marks)

    Students will work in groups to analyse a specific problem faced by the project partner and recommend solutions, backed by analysis and data.

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    Group Task (20 marks)

    Each student group to do a presentation of the consulting project findings and recommendations.

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    Individual Task (40 marks)

    Each student will maintain a logbook of the activities that s/he was involved in, the skills that were developed and the areas where improvement is desired.

  • Past Projects

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    Borneo Build Blitz

    Winter Term, 2014

    Our first project involved constructing 14 houses on a 1.25 acre site at Jalan Stephen Yong. The project coincided with the Borneo Build Blitz, the largest home-building project undertaken by our community partner Habitat for Humanity in Malaysia. We spent six weeks preparing the concrete foundation and exterior walls of the houses. We were later joined by more than 500 local and overseas volunteers, who completed the houses in six days.  

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    A new home for the Intang family

    Winter Term, 2015

    In our second project with Habitat for Humanity, we constructed a single storey two-bedroom house for the Intang family at Kampung Mureng, Mile 12.

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    A healing garden for Wishesland

    Winter Term, 2016

    We work with Wisheland Kuching to construct a healing garden for children with cerebral palsy.

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    Store house for Sarawak Cheshire Home

    Winter Term, 2017

    We work with Breakthrough Network to construct a store house for residents of Sarawak Cheshire Home.

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    Single-storey house for Entuny Jilin

    Winter Term, 2018

    We work with Breakthrough Network to construct a house for Mr. Entuny Jilin, located at Stutong Baru Resettlement Scheme.

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